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Jason Theriault, Lending Expert

“Sierra and her family have been long time members of Downeast Credit Union, always returning to Downeast CU for their financial needs. Sierra’s mom was my elementary school teacher, so every time I get the chance to help them, it really makes me proud. This past year, two days before Christmas, Sierra was in a very bad accident, totaling her car. Luckily, for the most part Sierra was okay.

Her old Corolla was toast, but having that financed at DECU, we let them know we were here to help with the entire process of insurance, gap claims and new wheels! She had found a 2018 Toyota Camry online that she loved, and lucky for her I know a couple of great guys that work at the dealer. I called down and negotiated a deal that worked for us all, drew up the paperwork and scheduled a time for her to take delivery of it, all while she was working so she did not have to do a thing…painless vehicle shopping and financing! Here is where Sierra’s old Corolla was left on that bad day…and also here she is all smiles with her new wheels!” -Jason Theriault, DECU Lending Expert

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