We have eliminated branch toll free numbers and now use one main line. Dial 800-427-1223 to reach DECU and 866-897-1365 for DEI.

Lending Rates

Starting at APR*
New Auto Loans or Refinance 3.49%
Used Auto Loans or Refinance 3.49%
Recreational Loans 4.49%
Personal Loans 6.99%
Credit Builder Loans 12.00%
Whatever Loans 18.00%
Hardship Loans (COVID-19) 0.00%
Line of Credit (Revolving) 13.90%
Line of Credit (Home Equity) 3.25%
Credit Cards 13.90%
Mortgages Rate Points APR* Est. Loan Amount Est. Payment**
10-Year 3.00% 0 3.21% $100,000 $964.81
15-Year 3.13% 0 3.28% $100,000 $696.25
20-Year 3.38% 0 3.49% $100,000 $573.28
30-Year 3.63% 0 3.71% $100,000 $455.88
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If you know any 3 of a loan's 4 terms (principal, interest rate, payments remaining, and payment amount), this calculator will compute the missing term. Enter the 3 known loan terms in the appropriate entry fields and click on "Compute." One empty field is required for recalculations.

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