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How to Open a Savings Account

To apply to become a member of Downeast Credit Union, please mail, fax or deliver the following completed documents to any of our branches.

Membership Account Card Application

Also read our Funds Availability Disclosure

Credit Union Membership Agreement

(only necessary if you are not already a DECU member)

Switch Kit

We make it so easy to move all of your accounts over to Downeast Credit Union! With our exceptional member service and great rates, you'll be glad you did!
Account Switch Checklist

This checklist will make the transition a simple move for you.

Direct Deposit Authorization

Use this form to update your payroll information with your employer

Automatic Withdrawal Authorization

Use this form to update your banking information with any businesses or automatic payments you are currently paying from your old account.

Account Closure Authorization

Use this form to close accounts at other financial institutions.

Share Savings Account

This is the first account you will open at Downeast Credit Union. The minimum opening deposit is $5 and the balance can not go below that. The five dollars represents your share in the credit union, every member must have a Share Savings Account.

Money Market Draft Account

This draft account gives you total flexibility and liquidity as well as competitive rates. All that is required is that you maintain a $2500.00 balance. You may write up to six checks per month and there is no limit on over the counter withdrawals.

Share Certificate Accounts

Share and IRA Certificates help you start planning for your future with only $500. The power of guaranteed, compounded interest growth then goes to work. The certificate rate is fixed at the time of deposit ranging in terms. Interest is compounded daily. Accumulated dividends are available monthly in one of two ways:

  • Compounded
  • Transferred to one of your DECU accounts

Youth Savings Accounts

Youth Savings Accounts can be opened with $5.00.

IRA Accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are accounts designed to help you save for retirement. With a Roth IRA, earnings grow tax free and are also tax free when you make qualified withdrawals. With a traditional IRA, your earnings grow tax deferred, so you won’t owe income taxes until you make withdrawals. And if you’re eligible, your contributions are tax deductible.

You must have earned income for the tax year you are making a contribution for. You can open, or make deposits to, an IRA any time through April 15th for the previous tax year. Current year deposits may be made throughout the year. There are several IRA options at Downeast including Regular IRA accounts, Roth, Educational and IRA Certificates.

Club Accounts

Christmas, vacation, taxes, or whatever you need a special savings account for, Clubs are a great way to serve your short-term savings needs.

Sow n' Grow Share Certificate

This is a great way to get started saving for the future. See our Rate and Fee schedule for current information including penalties for early withdrawals.

Start Up Sow n' Grow

For members under 18 years of age

A one-year product with a minimum opening of $2, and with at least a $2 per week deposit.

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