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Improve Your Credit Score

Did you know you should review your credit every year?! Your credit score plays a major factor in the quality of everyday life. It can influence the interest rate you pay on loans or credit cards, your ability to rent or purchase a place to live, the cost of auto insurance, and in some cases whether an employer will hire you.

Call us to schedule your Credit Check-Up. Let our experienced Lending Experts help you create an action plan to improve your credit score. The Financial Education service is offered by appointment only; please call us at 207-454-9006 to schedule your session.

Need help through a tough financial situation? Want to learn ways to lower your monthly payment obligations? Or interested in learning how you can improve your credit score?

If the answer is YES – call us today to set up your Credit Check-Up at 207-454-9006 to see how our Lending Experts can help alleviate your financial stressors! We’ll offer you a FREE Credit Report* and FICO Score, and best of all, FREE financial advice on how to improve your financial situation.

This offer is available to both members and non-members…anyone can benefit.


* A Credit Check-Up generates an inquiry to your credit bureau file, which may impact your credit score.

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