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Loan Planner Calculator

Find the Best Loan for Your Needs

If you know any 3 of a loan's 4 terms (principal, interest rate, payments remaining, and payment amount), this calculator will compute the missing term. Enter the 3 known loan terms in the appropriate entry fields and click on "Compute." One empty field is required for recalculations.

Monthly Budget Tool

Explore your monthly fixed and flexible expenses and identify areas for additional saving.

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Emergency Savings

Do you have enough in savings in case you lose your job or have a minor emergency? Explore how much is recommended you maintain in an emergency fund.

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Life Insurance Planning

Explore whether your current life insurance coverage is sufficient to cover your dependents’ expenses in the future.

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Saving for Higher Education

See how far your college savings may go and estimate the amount of additional money you may need to save to pay for college.

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Student Loan Refinancing

Explore how refinancing your student loans may affect your monthly payments and total amount owed.

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Mortgage Refinancing

Get a sense of how refinancing your mortgage may help reduce your monthly payments.

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Debt Payoff

Two common methods of paying off debts are the avalanche method, where debts with the highest interest rates are paid off first, and the snowball method, where the smallest debts are paid off first. Find out how much interest you may save by using one method over the other.

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Paying Debt vs. Investing

Should you use your extra money to pay down debt or put into an investment? Generally, it’s advisable to invest only if the return on investment would exceed your cost of debt. Explore how your rate of return could compare to your cost of debt, taking taxes into account.

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Growing Your Investment

Estimate how much money you may earn from your investments over time, based on the amount of money you invest and the expected rate of return.

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Investing With Your Health Savings Account

Some HSAs allow you to invest any funds in your HSA once you meet a minimum cash amount, enabling you to potentially earn more on that money than you would otherwise if you left all your HSA money in the cash account. Explore how much more money you may be able to earn over time if you invested all eligible funds in your HSA.

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Your Retirement Lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices may have implications for your spending in retirement. Use this calculator to estimate how your lifestyle choices in retirement, as compared to your current lifestyle, may affect your expenses.

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Pre-tax vs. Roth Analyzer

Understand the potential growth and tax implications of two different types of retirement savings accounts so you can choose which one works best for you. Compare pretax accounts (where contributions are not taxed and retirement withdrawals are subject to income tax) and Roth accounts (where contributions are after tax but retirement withdrawals are tax free).

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Retirement Conversion Analyzer

Depending on your situation, converting retirement savings that are currently in a traditional account to a Roth retirement account may make sense. Estimate how much more or less you’d owe in taxes by converting some or all of your account to a Roth.

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Borrowing from Your Retirement Plan

Understand the impact of taking a loan from your retirement account. Borrowing from your savings may provide solutions in the near term but could negatively impact investment growth and cost you in loan fees. In most cases, if you leave your employer prior to paying off the loan, your loan will default and cause a taxable event.

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Planning for Retirement Expenses

How much will you need to cover your expenses in retirement? Use this budget planner to get a sense of the funds you’ll need at different points throughout your retirement.

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Withdrawals Before Retirement

Visualize the impact on your long-term retirement savings of withdrawing money from your retirement accounts prior to retirement if you are considering withdrawing money now.

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Retirement Account Rollover

Explore the options for rolling over your retirement account into another qualified account or cashing out on your retirement savings. You are encouraged to discuss rolling money from one account to another with your financial advisor/planner and to consider any potential fees and/or limitations of available investment options.

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Minimum Required Distributions

Understand when you will be required to begin withdrawing from your retirement savings and how much you will need to withdraw each year.

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Withdrawals in Retirement

Understand the impact that annual withdrawals may have on your retirement account so you can estimate how many years your savings may last.

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