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A Job Well Done! Location: Unity

Team Members Involved

Terri Rucevice, Mortgage Lending Expert

“I received a call from a member looking to purchase a house and working with the VA on a foreclosure. The VA insisted that the loan close in 30 days, December 29th. I reached out to CUSO Lending, our mortgage partner, to see if it was within their capabilities knowing the current environment for real estate lending is quite busy. All parties involved were ready to proceed within the short timeframe over the holidays. Our member was amazing to work with, everything we needed to process the loan for documentation was in my email within 12 hours (amazing), and we developed a good relationship through the process as we conversed nearly daily throughout the process.

We were right down to the hour, getting the loan to finalize due to the member’s employer not providing a verification of income, as the HR VP was on vacation with the holidays. Team CUSO Lending was able to pull it off even though they had staff on vacation! Needless to say, it was a job well done and the members were beyond thankful. This is what I love about my job, the time you invest into members’ lives, making a major purchase or refinance, allows me to build trust and be a beacon for DECU for their future relationship with our team to assist in the future.​”

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