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About Us

Downeast Credit Union (DECU) is a not-for-profit, member-owned credit union. DECU began as St. Croix Federal Credit Union, founded in 1941 by the employees of St. Croix Pulp and Paper Company. Over the years, we have expanded our Field of Membership to be able to serve a large geographic region within Maine. DECU has grown to 8 branches across the state, providing banking and insurance products to over 22,000 members.

Many values of our founders still hold strong today at Downeast, like the importance of greeting you with a smile and the value of a handshake. With a careful eye on our members’ needs, DECU has made investments in our facilities and infrastructure to allow for growth and expansion. Along with our exceptional member service, we strive to offer competitive lending and deposit rates. We know convenience is important to you, and we are constantly investing in new technologies that make your banking effortless, giving you more time for family and fun.

Downeast CU is inclusive, convenient, and down-to-earth. Come be part of our genuine, people-first organization. We promise to meet you where you are in the journey of life, with a smile.

What We Do


Enhancing the wealth of our members and the communities we serve.


Creating opportunities through accessible banking products that enhance financial wellness and allow members to live life to the fullest.


Opportunity, Respect, Trust, Community, Education, Loyalty.

Our Structure

Unlike a traditional bank, DECU is governed by a 100% volunteer Board of Directors who are elected by our members.

The Board of Directors governs the general direction and affairs of the credit union in accordance with our bylaws. They also oversee the President/CEO who manages DECU’s day-to-day operations with the support of the management team.

Contact our Board or Senior Management Team with any questions or comments.

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Our fundamental responsibility is to our member-owners who choose to use our products and services to perform their necessary banking transactions. We exist to help our members provide a warm home to nurture their family’s relationships and have reliable transportation for access to work, school, medical appointments and entertainment. Members are friends and neighbors and we share their aspirations. We meet our members where they are in their financial journey of life. Members’ requests must be serviced promptly, professionally and confidentially. We must continuously strive to enhance the wealth of our members and maintain reasonable prices.

We embrace a workplace environment where our senior leadership must hold themselves accountable to each Team Member. We must provide an inclusive work environment where each Team Member is recognized as a crucial part of our team, because they are. Team Members must have a sense of security in their careers. We respect everyone’s diversity, dignity and acknowledge their merit. We promote education and professional development so our Team Members will have other opportunities to work elsewhere and grow professionally. Our culture is to train our Team Members well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

Team Members must possess compassion, be respectful and trustworthy, and live by the “people helping people” philosophy that credit unions were built on. Team Members should have the ability to earn above market compensation based upon their own individual contribution to the organization. We must support the health and well-being of our Team Members and help them fulfill their family and other personal responsibilities. They must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified. We must engage and retain highly capable leaders whose actions are always fair and ethical.

We are also responsible to the communities we work in. Our vision is not only to enhance the wealth of our members, but also to enhance these communities we serve. Our Team Members must be good citizens who support our local businesses, charities, schools, medical facilities and events. We place priority on buying locally and volunteering to give back to our communities. We must educate and empower our membership and Team Members to further enhance opportunity in our region.

Our final responsibility is to sustain our credit union to serve future generations of Member-Owners. As a not-for-profit organization, our Board of Directors and leaders must carefully balance business decisions and expenses with profits. We must invest in technologies, information security, training and facilities. We must develop innovative concepts and launch new products and services. Reserves must be maintained to hedge against adverse times. When we operate according to these principles, our Membership should realize a fair return.

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