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Homeowner's Insurance

Protects one of the largest investments you will ever make. Lets talk about YOU; perhaps you have a home office or maybe you have a student attending college with a dorm full of YOUR furniture. Let us help find the policy that fits YOUR needs.

Home Inventory Checklist

Condominium Insurance

Provides "inner-wall" coverage, contents coverage, and so much more. Check with your association to determine what the master policy requires you to carry and then let us insure that for you.

Mobile Home Insurance

Provides building, liability, and contents coverage. Values of homes and policies vary greatly. Make sure you understand what your policy provides for coverage.

Flood Insurance

Regardless if you're in a flood zone or not, we can insure your home for flood losses. Many losses are NOT covered under your home policy! Ask us to help you make your decision, before the loss occurs.

Investment Rental Property Insurance

Protect your investment! Rental properties are often a higher risk. Our companies will inspect your property to help reduce the risk of loss.

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****Insurance products are offered through Downeast Insurance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Downeast Credit Union. Insurance products are not insured by the NCUA insurance

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