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Submit a Claim

We at Downeast Insurance realize that having a claim can be stressful and we want to make the reporting process as easy as possible. To expedite your claim, please have as much information on the following checklist ready as possible before calling us.

  • Policy number
  • Name, address and phone number for all parties involved in the accident or incident
  • If an Automobile claim: Year, make, model and license plate of the vehicles involved
  • Facts surrounding the claim, including date, time and location
  • Police report number and name of the police agency
  • Extent of injuries of all parties involved
  • Area of damage on the involved vehicles or any other damaged property
  • Location of vehicles if not drivable
  • Name, address and phone number for any witnesses

Reporting Your Claim During Standard Business Hours

During standard business hours, please report claims directly to your Downeast Insurance agent. Go to our Contact Page for contact information.

24-Hour Claim Service - Direct to Companies

For 24-hour service, we have provided YOUR companies' contact information below so that you can report your claim directly to them if immediate attention is needed. Please also contact your local Downeast Insurance agent at your earliest convenience so that we may have the opportunity to help facilitate your claim.

After your claim is reported

Once your claim is reported you can expect to be contacted by the assigned claim adjuster within 24 to 48 hours. This adjuster will work with you to resolve your claim as quickly as possible. The policy coverages you purchased will determine the actions taken by the adjuster. Your adjuster will be able to answer your claim questions and guide you through the process. (Remember to protect your vehicle or insured damaged property from further damage.)

If at anytime you are NOT satisfied with the claim process from your company we encourage you to call us directly and we will help with the process. It is our desire to make the claims process as pleasant as it can be under the unfortunate circumstances.

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****Insurance products are offered through Downeast Insurance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Downeast Credit Union. Insurance products are not insured by the NCUA insurance

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