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Downeast Credit Union recently lowered overdraft fees on Non-Sufficient Funds and Courtesy Pay (NSF & CP) from $35 per transaction to just $15 per transaction. In addition, DECU is enhancing our Courtesy Pay program: for members who are in good standing with Courtesy Pay and after a checking account has been opened for 90-days, checking account transactions that are $15 or less, which put a member into the negative, will not incur a fee (up to $400 negative).

You heard that right: whoops moments that put you in the negative with a transaction $15 and under incur a $0 fee! Whether your DECU checking account is Secure, Simple or Free4Me, all members who have opted in for Courtesy Pay will be able to participate in this lower fee structure. Call today at 1-207-454-9008 to get Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay set up on your existing checking accounts or:

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Benefits of DECU Checking Accounts:

  • Lower fees so you can keep your hard-earned money
  • Free debit cards that can be printed in-branch on the same day they're needed
  • Free online banking, mobile app, bill pay, mobile deposit & money management
  • 24/7 Fraud Monitoring to quickly spot unusual spending patterns and alert you
  • Convenient account access when you’re on the go at over 5,600 Shared Branch locations and 30,000 Co-Op ATMs nationwide
  • Local, friendly Team Members with 8 Maine locations when you prefer face-to-face service

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In 2020, U.S. consumers were charged $34 per average overdraft fee.  Forty million Americans paid at least one overdraft fee in 2016 which totaled $33 billion!
Overdraft fees were traditionally set up by financial institutions to discourage people from going negative in their checking accounts. But often times those overdraft fees would become so costly, they would drive people out of checking accounts altogether, forcing some to use more costly methods like money orders, preloaded debit cards, or relying on friends and family to pay bills on their behalf.

Just because banks have always done it that way, doesn’t make it right. At DECU, we decided it’s time to revamp our Fee Schedule and lower our fees to remain a credit union that our members are proud of!

“Credit Union industry founder Alphonse Desjardins was quoted saying, 'A credit union is not an ordinary financial concern...seeking to make a profit at the expense of the unfortunate...'  Here at Downeast Credit Union, we take this to heart as it is our mission to enhance the wealth of our members. Downeast Credit Union wants to do better for our members.  We want you to take pride in your financial institution – a trusted place that you can brag about to your friends and family.  And if you’re not yet a member, come on over and see what Lower Fees & Better Service can do for you. We welcome you to 'Say goodbye to big bank fees and say hello to Downeast Credit Union!’” - DECU President & CEO, Joe Moses:

  • What is an overdraft?
    • An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway.

  • What fees will I be charged if an overdraft occurs?
    • If you have opted-in to our overdraft transfer service, the overdraft may be covered for no charge from your linked account(s).
    • If you have opted-in to our Courtesy Pay program, each overdrawn transaction, $15.00 or less, will not incur a fee. Each overdrawn transaction above $15.00 will incur a fee of only $15.00, up to our program limit (some restrictions may apply).
    • There is no limit on the total fees you may be charged for overdrawing your account.

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The new DECU Overdraft & Courtesy Pay Program will save our members an average of 76% in fees!*

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Still have questions? Speak to a DECU Account Expert today to find out which checking is right for you at 1-207-454-9008.

*Overdraft Protection is optional. You must opt in to benefit. DECU’s Overdraft Protection Program honors your overdrafts on your checking account when you don’t have enough money in your Account to cover a transaction, provided you have enough money in your Share Savings or linked Account. To do so, we transfer funds from your regular savings or linked account to your DECU Checking Account to cover your overdrafts at a cost of $5 per transaction.

Courtesy Pay is a discretionary "courtesy" service. To be eligible for Courtesy Pay, members must be in good standing and have a DECU Checking Account that has been open for at least 90-days. Courtesy Pay may pay Checks, Bill Payments, ATM/Debit Transactions and ACH electronic items that would not have cleared otherwise due to insufficient funds, up to an approved limit. Courtesy Pay fees are $0 for transactions $15 and under and then just $15 per item over $15. Items will not be paid if: member account is more than $400 in the negative, Overdraft(s) presented “in-person” and/or “over-the-counter,” items covered by other pre-arranged overdraft plans supported by a written agreement between the credit union and the member, or Items covered by pre-arranged overdraft transfers from linked deposit accounts. The full amount of the Overdraft balance will be due within 30 days from the date of the occurrence at which time Courtesy Pay privileges will be suspended and possibly terminated. Trust, custodial and other fiduciary accounts are not eligible. See the DECU Membership Agreement and Disclosures for details and the Fee Schedule for a list of fees. Savings of 76% in fees estimated based on DECU member transactions from 2021. Overdraft fee industry data based on Bankrate 2021 research and The Pew Charitable Trust research in 2016. Credit Union terms and conditions subject to change without notice.

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