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Stop Paying for Costly Repairs to an Older Auto

We recently received a call from Michelle in Brunswick who was seeking a Personal Loan. Her 2004 Cadillac CTS was a money-pit and was on its last leg. Michelle had put $1,800 a couple weeks prior for a new throttle, pedal, ABS system, and more. After these repairs, it still leaked coolant, oil, and transmission fluid. She said she would go through about 4 quarts of oil every couple of days. A week after the repairs, she had to put in another $300 into her can to put new calipers, rotors and pads in it.

Like many of us, Michelle was caught in a costly situation of repair after repair on her car.

Rather than fund a Personal Loan for Michelle to continue this repair cycle, we offered to do more to solve the problem and get her into a reliable vehicle.

Michelle never thought she’d qualify for a car loan, so she hadn’t asked.

After helping Michelle shop for a new car, we found a 2012 Nissan Altima that she loved!  We were able to protect it with GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) and a top-of-the-line Vehicle Service Contract. She was over the moon about getting into this vehicle and getting into something that is dependable!  Michelle frequently drives her family and grandkids around too, so being safe on the road was really important.

Not only was Downeast able to get her into a newer vehicle, but after having a conversation about her insurance, she thought her payments were so low that there was no way Downeast Insurance could beat it. After sending her referral to DEI, we surprised her once again with being able to provide her with a much lower premium!

Michelle was so grateful that we took the time to help her out of a bad situation.  She left Downeast feeling pride in having a safe, reliable ride, fully protected against future auto repair costs, and even saved money on her car insurance.

Michelle says she “couldn’t be happier and will be recommending Downeast to anyone and everyone she knows!”

Michelle Smith in her New Car
Michelle Smith in her New Car

“You’re Doing a Lot of Things Right!”

Exclaims Wiscasset Ford Salesman, Dave Warford

“In all of my 34 years of selling over 8,500 vehicles, this is the first time I was ever contacted directly by a loan officer who was looking to help someone out who was in a bad spot,” explains Dave Warford, salesman at Wiscasset Ford.

Dave was surprised to learn that all Downeast CU Loan Officers are given authority to help our members through tough financial situations, like replacing a broken down car, working with dealers to maximize trade-in values, and even car shopping.

Topsham branch manager, Lisa Pelletier adds, “On at least two occasions just last month, Dave helped us put members into 2017 and 2018 model vehicles. Both families were caught in a bad cycle of paying repairs on older, high-mileage vehicles. Dave was ecstatic to help these families out, both of whom are now paying the same payment or less, and their vehicles are fully covered with Vehicle Service Contracts, GAP and Debt Protection to ensure they are not caught in the vicious cycle of throwing money away on costly auto repairs.”

In fact, Dave was so impressed with the level of service at Downeast CU, he transferred all of his accounts to us and even financed his new boat at the Topsham branch.
“You’re doing a lot of things right. Word of mouth will go far,” states Dave.
All of us here at DECU thank you for the kind words, Dave, and wish you smooth seas around Boothbay Harbor!

Together, it’s possible!


Downeast CU walks the extra mile for you, our members


DECU coached Topsham, Maine member, Freya, out of a tough financial situation. She’s now the proud owner of a brand new car – congrats, Freya!!!

See if a DECU Loan Officer or Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor can help YOU into a new car. Call today @ 1-800-427-1223.



Refinancing saves members money


Wouldn’t it be great to keep more money in your wallet?! Call a Downeast Loan Officer today about an auto refinance and see if we can save YOU as much as Melissa & Bob.
with Frances Harris.


$2500 Savings on Auto Insurance


DECU Members: Did you know you may qualify for additional discounts on insurance products from our affiliate, Downeast Insurance,LLC?!

Call today to see if we can save you money.



Save money on your insurance

How about saving money on your insurance, while also increasing your coverage?! Yes, please!

Laurie Bennett Moon just saved a family $1,675 a year on their insurance coverage. Call today to see what Downeast Insurance, LLC can do for you.




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