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Personal Loan Savings for Barbara Location: Belfast

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Jason T.

Show of hands if you’ve ever signed something without fully reading the terms of an agreement? We’ve all been there.

Unfortunately, Barbara has, too. She recently came to us for help after taking out a personal loan at another financial institution. When she received her first bill in the mail from them, she felt overwhelmed and taken advantage of – her rate was 15.74% annual percentage rate (APR)! She felt she would never get her loan paid off at that rate.

With his superhero loan capabilities, Lending Expert Jason T. was able to save the day! He was able to refinance Barbara’s loan at a rate of 6.99%APR, add debt cancellation protection to the loan, and cut a full year’s worth of payments off the term. Oh yeah, and he saved her $1,400 in interest!

Switch and Save is more than just auto loans… we can work our powers to help you save on recreational loans like boats, RVs and motorcycles as well as personal loans you have elsewhere! Contact a Lending Expert today at 800.427.1223 or apply online:

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