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80th Anniversary & 80 Wow Stories

Posted on January 26, 2022 | Latest News

Throughout 2021, Downeast Credit Union celebrated 80 years in business with a fun campaign that was designed to give back to the membership and the communities served by the credit union.  The “80 Ways We Wow Ya” campaign included special savings for members looking for reliable transportation, community giving, food pantry contributions and acts of kindness by thanking our hometown heroes.

From the credit union’s first act in March, donating a parcel of land to the Town of Machias for a future amphitheater, to their year-end contribution of $4,096 to the Ending Hunger in Maine campaign, Downeast Credit Union Team Members participated in 80 Acts that strengthened our communities and made life better for our membership, hometown heroes and neighbors.

In total, Downeast Credit Union and friends at Downeast Insurance:

– Collected 3,316 pounds of food that we donated to local food pantries

– Thanked our hometown heroes in healthcare, EMS, police and fire departments, postal workers, schools and bus drivers with special treats and recognition

– Donated $16,395 to local organizations

– Helped 16 area families have a happy Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday

– Saved our members $455,050 by refinancing loans they held elsewhere with lower interest rates.

All 80 stories from DECU’s “80 Ways We Wow Ya” campaign can be viewed here: www.downeastcu.com/stories.

“The 80 Ways We Wow Ya campaign was a fun, rewarding way to involve our team, membership and communities in a year-long celebration of our 80th anniversary. Eighty years in business is a major achievement for any business,” adds DECU marketing director, Kristie Libby.  “Our team found the year-long campaign to be personally fulfilling and gratifying as we put smiles on so many peoples’ faces with our acts of kindness.”

While the 80 Ways We Wow Ya campaign may have ended in 2021, the credit union continues to find ways to serve their membership with its lower fees and better service. DECU has recently restructured their Fee Schedule to lower overdraft fees and become a credit union its members can be proud of.

“We believe we now have the lowest overdraft fee of all the credit unions and banks in the state at just $15 per transaction, plus transactions that are $15 or smaller that might put a member in the negative will not incur any fee,” stated DECU president and CEO, Joe Moses. “Everyone makes mistakes from time to time and can overdraw on your account, but at DECU, we believe our members should keep more of their hard-earned money. We are very excited to begin offering this exceptional low-fee product to Mainers!”

Downeast Credit Union strives to offer competitive lending and deposit rates in a convenient and down-to-earth manner. They offer programs to educate and help members rebuild credit. Downeast is committed to investing in new technologies that make banking effortless, giving members more time for family and fun. Their friendly team members and insurance agents are skilled in developing individualized plans to help members succeed in the financial journey of life. Follow DECU on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DowneastCU.

Photo caption:

Downeast Credit Union recently wrapped up their 80th anniversary celebration called “80 Ways We Wow Ya.”  Pictured is one happy member, Jamie from Sedgewick, who was the recipient of a DECU Wow Moment. DECU Lending Expert Jason went above and beyond to car shop with dealers across the state finding the perfect vehicle, loan and auto protection products that worked for Jamie’s budget. Learn more about the 80 stories of how Downeast helped its members and communities throughout 2021 on their website: www.downeastcu.com/stories.

Watch this video recap of some 2021 highlights from 80 Ways We Wow Ya: