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Better Options Than Buy-Here, Pay-Here Location: Bangor, Maine

Team Members Involved

Jason Theriault, Keri Barnard, Paula Powers, Tonia Lanier & Judy Mitchell

Ready for another 80 Ways We Wow Ya story?  Meet Jamie from Sedgwick.

She recently came to us, ready to trade in her 2005 Pontiac as it was becoming more and more unreliable each day.  Jamie knew she didn’t want to be stuck in a buy-here, pay-here situation and she had heard how Downeast loves to work with our members to find the right vehicle at the right price.

Lending Expert Jason went to work with Lending Team: Keri, Paula and Tonia to find a vehicle and loan that would work for Jamie.  While car shopping with our reputable dealership connections, Jason found a 2018 Chevy Malibu with only 29,000 miles at a great price below the book value.

Jamie had saved up a nice down payment for the purchase which helped her snag the vehicle for just $80 A WEEK with our flexible auto lending options. This fully protected payment includes GAP coverage, protecting her from the severe depreciation of her car if she were to ever total the vehicle, an impressive Vehicle Service Contract that can help her in the event of unexpected auto repairs, and physical damage insurance coverage from Licensed Agent Judy Mitchell at Downeast Insurance.

Jamie was elated with the upgrade in her vehicle and said she was “shaking her head in amazement, not sure how we pulled it all off!”

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