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Your New Digital Experience

Posted on April 21, 2020 | Announcement

New Digital Services Now Available

Downeast members can soon enjoy a new digital experience with enhanced Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Mobile App products.

Your digital experience can be tailored to fit your needs. Use as many or as few features as you like. Whether you want to exclusively use your app, login via desktop, pay bills, or just check your balance every once in a while, you can choose to use it how you want.

Learn more about the new product features listed below and find out about down time as we make the shift to the enhanced services.

Your new Digital Service options will include:

  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Mobile App
  • Mobile Deposit
  • P2P (Person to Person) Payments – Use Pop Money to send payments
  • Web Connect Integrate with QuickBooks®, Microsoft® Money, or Quicken®
  • Money Management – Set budgets, track spending and set goals
  • Text Banking (Must enroll and accept Mobile Agreement)
  • – Text 454545 with commands:

    BAL: To retrieve primary account balance
    LAST: To retrieve your last 5 transactions
    TRANS: Transfer funds to your primary account
    STOP: Deactivate text service
    HELP: Get a list of keywords

    Digital Learning Library

    Take charge of your finances with our easy-to-use, single sign-on application. Get started by clicking on one of the links below for an “overview” video of the feature. If you want more of a deep dive, take a look at some of the more detailed tutorials in our library below.

      See our Online Banking Demo here:


      Click these links to learn more about other product offerings:

    Digital Experience FAQs

    Q. Why did you change to a new Digital Services provider?
    We upgraded to a new digital banking provider to ensure that we provide the most innovative solutions and a rich online experience.

    Q. When will the change take place for our members?
    The new Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Mobile App services will be live on Tuesday, May 19th.

    Q. Will I experience any down time with my Online Banking and Mobile App?
    Yes, as we transfer vendors, there may be a brief service interruption on the morning of May 19th as we make the change.

    Q. What is different about the Online Banking solution?
    There are some exciting changes with this upgrade. Online Banking now will feature internal and external loan payment options, person-to-person transfers, and much more – an all-in-one simplified portal. You can view all your accounts from multiple financial institutions, see exactly where your money is going with easy-to-read charts, create and track budget goals, and gain greater control of your personal finances.

    Q. Do I need to re-register for Online Banking?
    If you are already an Online Banking user, you do not need to re-register. However, there are some steps you will need to take in order to access your new online banking account on or after May 19th. Check your email account for messages from regarding your specific login instructions.

    Step 1 – For your initial login, you’ll need your Username and Password (provided in an email from Downeast Credit Union)

    Step 2 – Review and Agree to Terms and Conditions when prompted

    Step 3 – Create a new Username and Password (Your new Username cannot be your account number)

    Step 4 – Verify your contact information. Add your mobile phone number so you can receive your one-time verification passcode with ease. If you do not have a mobile number, you can receive your one-time verification passcode via an email address.

    Step 5 – After entering your one-time verification passcode, you will have the option to register your device, allowing you to skip the one-time verification on that device for future logins.

    Q. How will I access the new Mobile App?
    The new Downeast Mobile App will be available on May 19th. To download the new Mobile App, navigate to your preferred App Store for your iOS or Android device.

    Q. How do I view my statements?
    You will be able to find Online Statements easily from the navigation once you log into Online Banking or your Mobile App. If you are not already an eStatement user, you will be prompted to enroll by clicking on Online Statements under Additional Services in Online Banking or More Services in the Mobile App.

    Q. Will my Alerts still be sent to me?
    No, your Alerts will need to be set up again in the new Online Banking or Mobile App platform. The current Alerts are: Low Balance, Balance Update, Large Withdrawal, Large Deposit, and Loan Payment Due. We now have the current Alerts and these new additional Alerts; High Balance, Check Cleared, Loan Payment Overdue, Maturity Date Reminder (if Certificate account), and Personal Message.

    Q. Will my Automatic Scheduled Transfers still occur?
    Yes, your Automatic Scheduled Transfers that have been set up for you by the Credit Union will continue to occur. You will now have the ability to schedule your own transfers, but will not have the capability to edit or delete any that are currently set up by Downeast Credit Union.

    Q. Will my Intuit QuickBooks® and Quicken® data transfer over?
    No, you will need to backup your data prior to May 18th. You will need to deactivate on May 18th and reactivate on May 19th. Detailed instructions are available by clicking here.

    Q. Is my existing Bill Pay information converting with Online Banking, or will I have to re-enter my payee information?
    At GO LIVE on May 19th, all active Bill Pay users will have the benefit of their payees transferring over from our old Bill Pay vendor, unless the payee address information is not on file, these payees will not transfer. Any electronic recurring payments currently set up will NOT convert to the new Bill Pay service. You will be notified if you have an electronic recurring payment that will not transfer over and will need to manually set up. We will provide you with instructions on how to set up these electronic recurring payments. Payments made on the old Bill Pay product will not be conducted after Friday, May 15th. We suggest that you schedule in advance any payments that will need to be paid from May 15th-May 19th, since Bill Pay will not be available during these times. For peace of mind, you may want to print a list of all your payees, including payment amounts and dates due, so you can easily double-check them in the new system. Bill Pay is offered at no cost – try it and see how convenient it is!

    Q. How will my existing Bill Pay payments be processed?
    During this upgrade process, Bill Pay will be down from May 15th – May 19th—as your payees are being transferred to the new Bill Pay service. Although you will not be able to schedule, modify or check the status of any bill payments during this timeframe, rest assured that we have systems in place to help ensure that any payments you have set in advance will be paid as scheduled.

    Q. Will I be able to view recent transactions, pay bills and set reminders with the new Bill Pay system?
    Yes. You will notice that the screens and menus are different and much more user friendly. Bill Pay history for the last 6-months will be transferred over into the new product at GO LIVE on May 19th.

    Q. Who can I pay using Bill Pay?
    You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. Even if you do not receive bills from the company or person you want to pay, you can still add the payee information and schedule payments. You can pay large companies and small companies, as well as individuals such as childcare providers or family members. When you pay a bill, Bill Pay sends the payment electronically whenever possible. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, Bill Pay prints a check and sends it to the address you provided when adding your payee. And best of all, there is no charge for access to our Bill Pay service!

    Q. Which bills cannot be paid with Bill Pay?
    You cannot use Bill Pay to pay any company or person with an address outside the United States or its territories. Tax payments: Local, State and Federal, and court ordered payments should not be paid via this service.

    Call us if you need assistance at 800.427.1223.

    We’re excited for you to begin using all of the amazing features within our new Digital Services platform! If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact our friendly team at 800-427-1223.