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Watch out for Phone Scams

Posted on July 15, 2021 | Fraud Defense

Downeast CU recently had a member contact us regarding a phone call they had received. The caller stated that they were from a card fraud department (no specific company named) and wanted to verify charges on an account. The scammer asked for ALL kinds of personal information, including the entire card number, social security number and other personal information.

Please remember: Downeast Credit Union will never ask for this information when reaching out to a member about a potentially fraudulent transaction.

The Downeast CU card fraud department would verify the person is the card holder.  We would then provide the last 4 of the card number for confirmation and give out the information to verify the purchases in question.  Our Team gives out the information — we don’t ask for anything other than the approval or denial on the transaction and if you are the card holder.

We are seeing more and more spoofing scams where it appears the caller is coming from a local number on Caller ID. If you answer, they use scam scripts to try to steal your money or valuable personal information, which can be used in fraudulent activity.

If you think you’ve been the victim of a spoofing scam, please call Downeast Credit Union for assistance at 800-427-1223.  You can also file a complaint with the FCC.


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