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Text Alerts to Prevent Card Fraud

Posted on November 27, 2019 | Announcement
Text Alerts

New Fraud Prevention Services available to DECU members starting December 4th!

We protect your cards with a state of the art Fraud Monitoring System.

Downeast Credit Union is committed to providing you with the latest fraud-fighting technology to enhance your account security and support you in acting quickly to prevent fraud. Card Security Fraud Text Alerts, offered on all Downeast credit and debit card products, is one of the ways that we work to help you keep your account safe.  As we value your account safety, all DECU Cardholders are automatically enrolled in this service.

With Card Security Fraud Text Alerts, if an unusual transaction should occur, you will receive a text message within minutes, asking you to verify the transaction.  You can quickly respond with a text message to validate the transaction, or alert us if the transaction was unauthorized.

Easy & seamless so you can live your life in the moment.

Text alerts are a faster option than phone calls to approve transactions or identify fraudulent charges. Call us today if you would like to add your cell phone number to your membership account so that we may add text alerts to your card 1-800-427-1223.

Have a joint account with multiple cards?  You can set up different phone numbers to receive the text alerts for each card on file, just call your friendly Member Service Rep and we can set that up for you at 1-800-427-1223.


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Contact us if you have any questions on Text Alerts at 1-800-427-1223.