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Jason Theriault, Lending Expert

In the fall of 2020, our member Samantha from Robbinston, Maine was looking to take out a ‘Whatever Loan’ to make some repairs to her 2006 Jeep.

“At the time I really wanted to help her out with a new auto loan all together,” stated DECU Lending Expert Jason Theriault. “Her Jeep was older with over 150,000 miles and she was still paying on it with higher-rate financing from another institution. Sam went back and forth debating the Whatever Loan or the new auto loan, and then told me that as much as she would love to she was just going to fix what she had.”

Fast forward to March 2021: Sam sent Jason a text saying she was ready for a new auto! We spent some time establishing a budget and reviewing what her needs and wants were in a vehicle.

Jason said, “Then I went to work doing my favorite thing, car shopping! I came across a 2017 Ford Edge with only 35,000 miles. She loved it – low miles, leather seats, dual power sunroof…this car had it all!”

The best part is that Downeast CU was able to do the loan, protect the car with GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) and a CU Certified vehicle warranty…all for a payment similar to her 2006 Jeep. We even worked with the car dealer to have the vehicle delivered right to the DECU branch so Sam could simply sign and drive off.

Afterward, Sam texted Jason and exclaimed, “The best vehicle purchasing experience ever! And I LOVE IT!”

“So glad that she remembered me offering to help last year and that she came back to let me do so!” added Jason.

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