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Building Towards a Better Tomorrow! Location: Machias

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Katie Knights, Lending Expert

“Our member, let’s just call him Bob, came to DECU to open a personal account a few months ago. He wasn’t ready at that time to take advantage of all the services that we had to offer. A few months before, he had totaled his truck and found himself in the market for a replacement. He believed that his credit was ‘not good’ so decided to take whatever the dealership had to offer thinking it was the best he could get. He quickly became frustrated with the amount of interest he was paying and that the balance of the loan was not decreasing. Despite this, Bob was still hesitant about asking us to look at his loan as he did not want to get turned down.​

He did finally come back a few months later and let me take a look at the loan. Together we found that his credit was not as bad as he thought. I was able to offer to cut his interest rate in half and save him $5,880.84! We also secured him in at the payment that he requested while fully protecting the truck with a Vehicle Service Contract and GAP.​

Needless to say, Bob was so happy he had placed his trust in DECU and is now going to be opening his business account with us. Bob now knows that DECU is here to help him build towards a better tomorrow!”

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