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Belfast Helps Two Families Have a Nice Christmas Location: Belfast

Team Members Involved

Arielle, Kari & Chelsea

For our Belfast Team’s 80 Ways We Wow Ya Christmas project, we reached out to one of the elementary schools in Belfast who immediately was able to recommend a family for us to sponsor. A single mother with in need of some help and respite. We did some shopping and put some great items together for this family.

However… Just a few days before wrapping this project up, Kari got a call from another school in town that apologized for being last minute but they had a family that really needed help as well. They asked if there was still anything we could do on such short notice. This family had 3 kids ranging in ages from 3-10 both boys and girls. The school shared with us that the kids were told by their parents that with the Covid ramp up lately, Santa wouldn’t be able to visit their house at all and warned them not to be upset.

We were determined to help both families and knew that we would need to use some of our own money to make this happen!

We were able to provide toys and fun gifts for the kiddos in both families plus clothes, and necessity items for all too!

Such a heartwarming feeling to know that we are making Christmas happen for TWO families this year, who without us, wouldn’t have had a Christmas at all. ❤

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