Phone Scam Alert – Downeast Credit Union

Phone Scam Alert

Posted on October 30, 2020 | Fraud Defense

We have been notified of a phone scam by a member who was recently contacted by a fraudster.

The fraudster stated that they were calling from the “Downeast Fraud Department”. The fraudster asked for card numbers to “verify” them.
We’ve heard of fraudsters asking about fake charges to “verify” transactions. When the member states they didn’t make the fake purchase, the fraudster will tell the member they are going to block the card and to not worry about any additional suspicious charges. Rather, the cards remain open and vulnerable for fraud, even when the cardholder thinks they are safe. Other times, members aren’t asked ANY questions about the charges, the fraudsters just want to “verify” (steal) the card number.

If you do receive a similar call, do not give the fraudster any information and hang up. Call Downeast directly at 800.427.1223 to report the incident and we will assist with any fraud-related needs. Remember, Downeast will never call you asking to verify card numbers!

See our Fraud Prevention Center for more resources.