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Online Banking Fraud…Just Say NO!

Posted on May 3, 2022 | Fraud Defense

Has anyone requested that you give them your online banking credentials? If so, you may be a victim of fraud.

YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE YOUR ONLINE BANKING INFORMATION TO ANYONE ELSE. This is often just like giving the keys of your home to a robber. No matter how trustworthy they seem, your online banking access is for you and only you to login to your account with.

Once a criminal has obtained your online banking information, all of your account information is compromised at that time and this information is used for financial gain on behalf of the other party. In addition, if this information is given to a criminal, it’s not typically just one criminal that your information is provided to. Often these criminals work together and your information is shared among them. The request may seem sweet and innocent, but the key to your financial kingdom is not something that should ever be shared or be taken lightly.

If anyone ever asks you for your online banking information to make a deposit into your account, just say no. Especially if it doesn’t make sense, seems too good to be true or if you are requested to send funds back to another party; chances are very good you are being used in a financial crime. And this could come at a very large cost to you as anything that transpires through your account is ultimately your responsibility.

To keep yourself safe, never allow anyone else to access your online banking. Keep your passwords and login information secure and if anyone inquires requesting your credentials, just say no.

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