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Never Give Out Online or Mobile Logins

Posted on March 1, 2021 | Fraud Defense

If someone showed up at your front door pretending to be your best friend and asked for your house key, would you give it to them?

Hopefully not!

Unfortunately, when scammers pretend to befriend you online or over the phone, we can let our guard down and give out financial logins and information. Here at Downeast, we have recently seen scams where fraudsters are trying to attain our member’s online or mobile login information.

Sometimes the fraudsters claim you have won money or they will say they are going to deposit money into your account for another reason. They then ask for your Mobile App login saying they need to access this to deposit a check into your account through Remote Deposit. In fact, you’ve just provided the fraudster with access to all of your funds in your bank account. Yikes!

We have seen fraud through emails or calls from someone who claims to be from your credit card issuer or bank. The fraudster asks you to click on a link to update your account information or call back to discuss a problem. Sometimes, scammers may even claim they are investigating possible fraud on your account and ask for details such as your account number or Social Security number so they can investigate further. These are all attempts to get you to hand over personal information.

We have even recently seen lending scams. You may receive an email from a supposed lender or find a website offering easy access to money. Thinking it is a legit loan application, you enter sensitive information into the application and your bank info so they can deposit the loan. The fraudster now has access to your bank account, Social Security number and other details.

Recognizing the signs of fraud is your first line of defense. Remember:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Hang up and don’t engage any further. If you have already divulged sensitive information, contact your financial institution for advice on next steps to take.
  • Do not click on any email links or attachments. Never call a phone number they provide you with; you could find yourself on the phone with the scammer, rather than an actual bank representative. Always look up our phone number and call us directly.
  • Always check reviews and the Better Business Bureau rating of any company offering a loan. If there are no reviews or ratings to be found, the business may not be real.

Be on the defense! Guard access to your online accounts, personal information and computer as carefully as you guard the keys to your home.

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