Mortgage Postcard Scam – Downeast Credit Union

Mortgage Postcard Scam

Posted on January 4, 2022 | Fraud Defense

Some of our members have received a postcard scam in the mail and we would like to make you all aware.

Please note, these postcards are NOT coming from Downeast Credit Union.

Unfortunately this is a scam and is not isolated to just Downeast Credit Union. The information the company (H.W.C.) obtained about mortgages is accessible from publicly available information and is NOT the result of a breach with Downeast.

According to our local post office, many people received these postcards with multiple financial institutions listed. When we called the number they were soliciting for mortgage insurance. If you read the fine print in the bottom right-hand corner you will see that the postcard does indicate “loan information not provided by Downeast Cu”.

Members should always do their homework and research companies before calling a number they receive in the mail. Learn more about this specific scam here: Truth in Advertising Website.